The Atlanta Child Murders ////// 56  

The Atlanta Child Murders ////// 56 

In Atlanta, Georgia over a two year period between the summer of 1979 through the spring of 1981 there was a killer striking with an unheard of frequency. At least 28 African-American children and young adults were killed. This series of murders is sometimes called the Atlanta Child Murders. When it comes to criminal investigations we often hear how "it's not like it is on tv" yet this case was different, very different because it truly was a lot like how you would see a case work out on tv. The Atlanta Murders has all of the necessary attributes of a really good mystery and movie like investigative drama. An unknown person or persons is killing a major cities African-American youth sometimes at the rate of two or three a month and remains undetected despite the police's best efforts. The FBI and BCI units are called in. They even assembled a group of "Super Cops" from all over the country to come to Atlanta and lend their expertise. When the killer is finally caught it turns out to be one of the cities' own, a native. Then years after Wayne Williams is convicted of the murders some would come forward and wonder just how guilty is he and was he in fact responsible for all of the murders? 

Beer of the Week - Hop Circle Sessions IPA by Red Brick Brewing Company 
Garage Grade - 4 and 1/4 bottle out of 5 bottle caps

London Nude Murders ////// 55  

London Nude Murders ////// 55 

We have all heard of Jack the Ripper, there is probably no more famous unsolved case invovling a serial killer. But nearly 70 years after Scotland Yard searched for the Ripper police had one of the largest manhunts in London's history. The search for the killer dubbed Jack the Stripper. This Jack was killing prostitutes and leaving their naked bodies in the River Thames and in the cities alleyways. This Jack did not taunt the police by writing letters and laughing at them on paper, no he simply gave them another body. Tonight we take the flying garage ship to England and review this strange cold case. 

Beer of the Week - Jack-O by Travelers 
Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

The Serial Killer's Apprentice ////// 54  

The Serial Killer's Apprentice ////// 54 

In the early 80's, someone was killing little girls in northern Ohio. Between October 1981 and June of 1983 the bodies of three young girls had turned up. In the first case, 12 year old victim Tina Harmon was seen with a man in his early 20's shortly before she went missing. The next victim 11 year old Krista Harrison was abducted right in front of her friend. The friend described the kidnapper as a white man who looked to be about 25 to 35 years old. In 1983 police connected the crimes to a local serial rapist 43 year old Robert Buell. Robert quickly admits to the rapes of several grown women. He would claim his innocence regarding the deaths of the young girls for the next 18 years, including his last words before his execution. Tonight we are joined again by long time garage friend James Renner to discuss the possiblity of the second killer theory known as the serial killer's apprentice. 

Beer of the week: Lake Erie Monster by Great Lakes Brewing Company 
Garage Grade: 3 and 3/4 bottle caps out of 5 

Nic & The Captain

Emma Fillipoff ////// 52 

Emma Fillipoff ////// 52 

26 year old Emma Fillipoff has been missing for almost 4 years now. There have been plenty of strange leads in this case. Emma is spotted and photographed in a nearby city sipping coffee at a coffee shop - or so they thought. A strange unidentified man gets upset when he sees Emma's missing persons poster. He rips the poster off of the wall and tells a store clerk that the picture is of his girlfriend. Then there's the stalker. Was Emma stalked or was it as he puts it "we were just friends." Emma's mother Shelley Fillipoff spends 2 months in a city far from her home searching for her missing daughter. After criminal charges are filed against her on an unrelated event, the public eye has now become very suspicous of the mother who arrived in a city far from her home the very same day her daughter was last seen there. Grab a beer because there is plenty to talk about tonight in the garage. 

Beer of the Week - Dirt Wolf by Victory Brewing Company 
Garage Grade - 4 1/4 out of 5 bottle caps 

Cheers, Nic & The Captain

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