West Mesa Body Pit ////// 50  

West Mesa Body Pit ////// 50 

In 2009 a woman walking her dog discovered a human bone on the city of Albuquerque's West Mesa. It would take over 2 months for searchers to comb the nearly 100 acre patch of barren desert. They found the bodies of 11 women and a fetus. Police at times have said they have had as many as 20 suspects and as little as a handful. They have yet to name an "official suspect." Tonight in the garage we have beer oh yeah and we have suspects too and they are pretty official. So stop by for a chat with the Captain and Nic, cheers! 

Beer of the week - Molotov Cocktail Heavy by Evil Twin Brewing 
Garage Grade - 4 1/2 out of 5 bottle caps

Ed Gein ////// 49  

Ed Gein ////// 49                               

September 6, 2016 

Ed Gein might be the most famous real life monster of all time, what you've never heard of him? Well you have heard of Leather Face, Norman Bates from Psycho and Bates Hotel, Buffalo Bill from Silence of the lambs, and you've watched Rob Zombie's movies House of a 1000 corpses and the Devil's Rejects all characters and movies inspired by Ed Gein the Mad Butcher of Wisconsin. Tonight we see if we need to seperate fact from fiction and discuss who was Ed Gein and what the hell was wrong with him. 

Beer of the week -  Punch you in the Eye PA - by Water Street Brewery - In Milwaukee, WI 
Garge Grade - 3 and half out of 5 bottle caps

Melanie Goodwin ////// 48  

Melanie Goodwin ////// 48 

September 25, 2007, A call to 911 reports the finding of a dead body. The body is of a female who has been killed and dumped in a ditch near a parking lot. Someone had set the body on fire attempting hide evidence and the girl's identity. Police were able to pull surveillance footage from the cameras watching the nearby parking lot. On the footage they can clearly see a man dragging what appears to be the body of a women from a car. Shortly after there is a huge flash of light. This is the fire being set. Police use what information they can from the video and that information leads them to the doorstep of Melanie Goodwin's parents. This week we discuss the tragic death of Melanie Goodwin and the tracking of her killer. 

Beer of the Week - Noble King by Jester King Brewery - Austin, TX 
Garage Grade - 4 out of 5 bottle caps

Joshua Guimond ////// 47 

Joshua Guimond ////// 47 

November 9, 2002 Joshua Guimond was at a party with friends. Some time between the hours of 11 o'clock and midnight he left. Some thought maybe to use the restroom others said maybe he went home to his apartment across the St. John's University campus but we may never know. He should have returned to the party or had he left he would have walked about three minutes to his apartment but he was never seen again. Joshua's father spent countless hours searching for his son and most of that on the 2700 acres that is the St. John's University campus. Tonight we ask ourselves what happened to Joshua? 

Beer of the week - Sugar Shack Maple Stout 
Garage Grade - 3 1/2 out of 5 bottle caps 
Please don't litter, Nic & the Captain

Reviewing The Black Dahlia  

Reviewing The Black Dahlia ////// 46 

A case this expansive and captivating requires one more week in the garage. With so many Black Dahlia movies, books and documentaries it's clear that there are a lot of opinions and a lot of theories. This week we take what we have learned from last week and mash it up with what we have already known and talk a little more about this unforgettable victim and crime. 

Beer of the week - Goose Island Bourbon Barrel Brand Stout 2015 
Garage Grade - 5 of 5 bottle caps 

Some of the audio was generously provided to us by Mark Shostrom 
Detective F. A. Brown audio Mark Shostrom Copyright

Black Dahlia Part 1 & 2 ////// Episodes 44 & 45 

Black Dahlia ////// 44 

On the morning of January 15, 1947 the nude murdered body of a young woman is found on a vacate lot in Los Angeles, California. Newspapers would dub the dark haired beauty "The Black Dahlia." LAPD could not solve this case and the murder case known as the Black Dahlia would go on to become a household name and a horrific crime featured in many books and movies. Who was the mysterious "Black Dahlia" victim, what were her movements and who were her friends and enemies in her life. This week we take a long hard look at this historic case. 

Beer of the week - East Bay IPA by Ale Industries 
Garage Grade - 3 3/4 bottle caps out of 5

Black Dahlia Part 2 ////// 45 

After learning about Elizabeth Short A.K.A. "The Black Dahlia" we join our friend Mark from California to tell us more about the crime and who might be responsible. Why did the killer contact the newspapers. Why did the killer send Elizabeth's belongings to them. Was he trying to taunt the police or was the real killer or killers trying to implicate an innocent man. Join us in the garage as we discuss the famous Black Dahlia case with details and rumors that you've never heard before. 
Cheers, Nic and The Captain

The Mall Murders ////// 43   

The Mall Murders ////// 43 

Boca Raton, Florida 2007; Multiple attacks are occurring in the Town Center Mall parking lot. To the victims the attack starts off as what might appear to be a simple carjacking or a robbery but after the lone gunman is in the vehicle what follows is terrifying. Law enforcement is very aware that they have a very violent and deadly criminal at large and he is using the mall parking lot to trap his victims but are they dealing with a serial killer? Get in the garage as we kickoff season 3. 

Beer of the week- HoneyMaker Blueberry Mead by Maine Mead Works 
Garage Grade- 4 out of 5 bottle caps


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