Diane Schuler ////// 69 

Diane Schuler ////// 69 


The Taconic Parkway Crash of 2009 was one of the areas most tragic stories. The fatal three car crash resulted in the deaths of eight people. It was quickly determined that Diane Schuler 36 years of age was responsible for the crash and the homicides of the other 7 innocent victims. An autopsy determined her blood alcohol level to be .19%, that's more than two times the legal limit for the state of New York. Her husband and sister in-law have publicly stated that Diane was not a drinker and this was not a homicide but in fact an accident. Her erratic driving was the result of either a stroke or a health issue. Tonight we examine the Schuler families' statements and take a look at the facts. Why was a seemingly good mother driving under the influence with 5 young children in her vehicle? 
Don't drink and drive and please stop texting and driving! 

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