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Texas Seven ////// 13

Texas 7 

Joseph Garcia - 50 year sentence for stabbing a friend 
Randy Halprin - 30 year sentence for beating an infant 
Larry Harper - 50 year sentence- 3 counts of rape 
Patrick Murphy Jr. 50 year sentence for…



The Alphabet Murders took place in Rochester, New York between 1971 and 1973 and is the unsolved murders of three young girls. Each girl had matching initials where the first letter of their first name matched the first letter of…

ADAM WALSH ////// 11

July 27th, 1981 the son of John Walsh is reported missing, last seen in a mall department store. The details of his disappearance are unclear. 16 days later Adam's decapitated head is found 120 miles away. John Walsh would go…


DR. SAM SHEPPARD ////// 10

On July 4, 1954 a young beautiful wife of a handsome Doctor is brutally beaten to death as her son and the doctor are sleeping in their home in Bay Village, Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie. When police…



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COLUMBINE ////// 09


High school seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold brought upon the students and teachers of Columbine high their own "little judgement day." They spent over year heisting a plan to be famous and to go down in a…


NYE 2015 /// TOP 5 ////// 08

Not a typical true crime garage episode. We wanted to put out a show during the holiday break. Thank you guys for the support and helping this show blow up in 2015. We are just going to keep getting better…


Episode 7 - April Tinsley & the search for her killer 

        On Good Friday, 1988 eight year old April Tinsley is playing in her neighborhood when she is grabbed and abducted. Her lifeless body would be discovered the following…



Case number: 861  
Incident location: 862 S. Champion   
Columbus, Ohio - Franklin County  
Incident date: 9/1/1975  
Homicide date: 9/1/1975  
Gender: Female  
Race/Ethnicity: Black  
Law enforcement agency: Columbus Police Department